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Sudan is an Arab and African country, one of the largest countries in terms of area in Africa and the Arab world, and it occupies the tenth place among the largest countries in the world, with an estimated area of ​​more than one million square miles (2.5 million square kilometers). It has a population of 40.2 million (in 2008). Sudan is located in the tropics, so the Sudanese climatic regions vary from desert to tropical. We find its distribution as follows: a hot desert climate in the north of Sudan, a climate similar to that of the Mediterranean on the Red Sea coast. The diversity of climatic regions in Sudan has led to the diversity of the natural resources in which Sudan is rich, to the extent that some see Sudan as a continent inhabiting a country, which made it coveted by Western countries that want to have the lion’s share of those wealth in Sudan. Among the most important natural resources in Sudan are water, agricultural land, livestock, petroleum, uranium and mineral wealth. Water: With regard to water, there are many water sources in Sudan: “rain, Nile water, valleys and groundwater.” Until now, only a few areas of Sudanese lands benefit from the Nile’s water, represented by the Nile strip extending from south to north around the banks of the Nile and its tributaries, while most The areas of Sudan are completely dependent on rainwater and groundwater. This means that despite the presence of water in huge quantities in Sudan, the use of it is very small. Agricultural arable lands: As for arable lands, Sudan owns about 200 million arable acres, equivalent to about 45% of the arable lands in the Arab world. The availability of water for agriculture in large quantities increases the importance of arable lands in Sudan. Livestock: Sudan is one of the richest Arab and African countries with its livestock, in which the number of food animals (cows, sheep, goats, and camels) is estimated at about 103 million, in addition to 4 million heads of the equine family, 45 million poultry, and an estimated fish wealth. About 100 thousand tons for inland fisheries and 10 thousand tons for marine fisheries, in addition to an estimated large number of wild animals. Noting that livestock in Sudan possesses natural ingredients that allow it to double what it is now

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